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We need a community centred approach to safety 

Novotel Shelter

I recognise that my platform and experience are expressed from a specific point of view. I've introduced myself below so you can understand the viewpoint I'm bringing to this campaign. 

Noise King West and Niagara

I have chatted with the neighbours and the surrounding community including the Niagara Neighbourhood Now Resident Association regarding the noise in the area. I recognise the serious concerns that have been raised by local residents regarding the excessive noise from local restaurant businesses. Everyone in the City/ward is entitled to respectful neighbours abiding by the law to ensure we have a liveable city.


If elected I will first work to involve the community and the venue's owners to explore what can be done to alleviate some of these concerns through noise mitigation measures. Second, I will work with City staff to ensure that the necessary permits are in place ensuring that local businesses are within the proper classification as it relates to noise bylaws.  


As a community we need to be mindful that while I fully support local businesses, those employed by these businesses  and those spending their money to enjoy a night out, I have heard very real stories from local residents about not being able to sleep, feeling vibrations through their walls and interrupting their lives in a very real way. This is not only unfair, but it has resulted in major health concerns for individuals who are unable to sleep until the early morning hours. We must do better, and I believe I can bring people together to solve this problem.

Ontario Place

Ontario Place is Ontario's backyard, and it should be kept public. x As an immigrant to this country, I recall going to Ontario Place with my family to appreciate this public landmark, participate in activities, and relax in this magnificent urban setting. Although it is important to recognize that change is inevitable and that Ontario Place requires improvements, these changes should not come at the expense of future generations being unable to enjoy this place as many of us did as children. I'm not convinced that privatising Ontario Place with a Scandinavian spa is the best option.  As the founder of a public space placemaking nonprofit and through my work with public spaces, I recognise the value of preserving public places for the public, investing in arts and culture, and ensuring that these elements are preserved for people to make memories. 

Ontario Place should be reimagined thoughtfully, engaging in extensive community consultation, prioritising accessibility, engaging and recongizing the Indigenous culture of these lands, and creating an integrated network of public spaces with our shoreline. We must invest in Ontario Place and ensure that this space is held in trust to future generations of Ontario residents. 

Waste Management

Litter and waste are becoming a major blemish in our ward. Many residents have complained about the excessive litter and waste that appears to overflow from our city litter bins on the streets, as well as the general litter that has accumulated in public spaces. We need to enhance garbage management in our ward and throughout the city. 


I worked for the City's Street Furniture department which is in charge of all litter bins, benches, and TTC shelters throughout the city. I will increase the frequency with which litter bins are picked up in the city, the durability of litter bins and benches in our city, and the amount of litter that bins can hold, particularly in high-traffic areas. In addition, I intend to lobby for higher performance standards when the City's street furniture contract is renewed in the coming years.

Ageing in Place

I have listened to many people in our ward talk about the difficulties they've had accessing healthcare and having Personal Support Workers (PSW) attend to their needs. Because our population is ageing, we must invest more in delivering these important services to seniors and individuals with disabilities. As a disabled person, I understand firsthand the difficulties associated with healthcare bills, equipment, and receiving necessary supports. I understand the difficulty of having to pay for many of these services out of pocket, the lack of PSWs, and friends who rely on panhandling to get by and afford housing. This is unacceptable, and I will do everything I can to boost ODSP, prioritise seniors and persons with disabilities, and lobby for improved wraparound supports to allow individuals to live with dignity and age in place, whether on the island or on the mainland.

I will invest in a new approach and strategy when it comes to providing supports for seniors and people with disabilities, expand the current supports provided and introduce new options for seniors and people with disabilities to live in dignity. 

Jarvis and Esplanade Congestion and Street Safety

I have heard from many of you regarding unsafe street conditions and congestion at Jarvis and the Esplanade. I have visited the area, chatted with local residents and also engaged in Traffic Agents on site to learn more. 

I agree, we need to make our streets safer so that everyone feels comfortable crossing the street including kids, people with disabilities, seniors and families. We need to consider changes to our traffic lights, signage and street design by considering where we place bike lanes, and bus only lanes. I am committed to reviewing and evaluating the performance of these street designs in this area and making changes to better accommodate local residents and those moving through this area. The current situation is too unsafe and inefficient to continue. 

Finally we need to recognize that as a city active transportation and transit are key determinants to combating climate change and also being able to get folks moving through our city more efficiently, however, we must also acknowledge that vehicles do exist and while we work at providing folks with alternative options to reduce our reliance on cars we must also take into account that some folks rely on this method of transportation. We can't penalize people who may not have better alternatives. We must therefore plan for streets with cars in mind and also consider adequate street parking for those that rely and need these spaces. 

Everyone wants and needs to get to their location within the shortest amount of time and I know how to work with diverse stakeholders to get this done. 

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