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Igor's a disability activist, city builder, a life-long Torontonian, and proud refugee who cares deeply for the residents of our city and community. 


Igor moved to Canada in the early 90s. He attended Trinity College and then Massey College at the University of Toronto finishing his undergraduate and master’s degrees in Urban Studies, Geography and Urban Planning. 


Igor’s career has included extensive experience as a volunteer, community builder, advocate and planner through both the public and private sectors. His contributions have led to the development and support of accessible public transit and cycling infrastructure, new affordable housing options, community arts/murals, innovative family-friendly developments, supporting main street businesses to avoid displacement, public space activations and reclaiming and repurposing green spaces for community uses.    


Igor has a distinguished record of working within communities, a vocal champion for people with disabilities, and advocating for a more equitable and liveable city that works for all Torontonians. He is an entrepreneur who founded his own impact firm and social enterprise that produces engaging multimedia content encouraging discussion and action on critical urban issues. 


He has always prided himself on the importance of starting with community when it comes to any change and ensuring people are the ones that are prioritized. Join us as we re-imagine Spadina-Fort York and create a bold vision for a more equitable, vibrant and liveable city for everyone. 


Igor live in Spadina – Fort York, is a renter and doesn't own a car. Igor has founded a nonprofit, a social enterprise, and an impact firm, as well as having an active role in the governance and structure of several newly formed nonprofits.
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Igor has served on:

Affordable Housing

  • Igor has worked directly to promote new accessibility standards, advocate for employment opportunities for persons with disabilities, and reform policy in both the private and public sectors.

  • As Chair of the Advisory Committee on Accessible Transit, a producer on Urban Fabric Media's Accessing the City, which follows three people with disabilities through the streets of Toronto, his report on Complete Streets and Accessibility, and his advisory role with ProHara Inc, which seeks to create accessible customer service modules, Igor has been an active voice for people with disabilities and seniors.



Igor has worked with:

Igor is a featured contributor with Spacing and has published works on accessibility “Planning Cities for People with Disabilities” and on mainstreet activations, A Vision for Mainstreet: Recycling Empty Storefronts. 

  • Igor has worked directly to improve and support active transportation in Toronto through his work with the city’s Biking and Pedestrian infrastructure team which focuses on expanding and creating bike lanes that work for everyone.

  • Igor has served on ACAT for five years, first as Vice-Chair and subsequently as Chair, to promote, expand, and advise the Toronto Transit Commission on how to improve the conventional system for all to access.

  • Igor has participated in conversations and consultations with cyclists and scooter users all around our city.

Street Furniture

  • Igor has worked directly to improve, manage, and expand the City of Toronto's street furniture program's quality-of-service delivery. He was responsible for the Street Furniture program's performance evaluation mechanism.

  • He has lobbied for higher-quality street furniture, garbage cans, recycling bins, benches, and bus shelters.

  • Igor is part of a team working with the Toronto Public Space Committee to provide an assessment of the present street furniture program, potential opportunities for improvement, and best practices from across the world.

Small Business

  • Igor has worked directly to increase small business and main street support. Igor co-authored the Toronto BIA Performance Toolkit report as a result of his work with all 85 Business Improvement Areas in the city. The Performance Toolkit was created to help BIA initiatives, projects, capital assets, and programs succeed. Established on a shared set of principles to encourage the economic development of local businesses, mitigate the causes and impacts of gentrification, and prevent people and businesses from being displaced.

  • Igor has contributed to the work of assisting our main street businesses by serving on the Review Committee for My Main Street, a Government of Canada initiative that distributed approximately $8 million for various placemaking projects to improve our local communities, bring people together, and benefit equity seeking groups.

Public Spaces

  • Igor has worked directly to increase public spaces in Toronto by reclaiming underutilized suburban strip mall parking lots and converting them into free, accessible gathering spots.

  • Igor was a member of the team that led and developed the impact study for plazaPOPS, a community-driven, high-impact, low-cost process that supports and enhances dynamic neighbourhoods and local businesses.

  • Igor presently serves on the plazaPOPS board of directors and has participated in a variety of public space initiatives through the Toronto Public Space Committee, including the Illegal Billboards documentary with Dave Meslin and the Public Washroom campaign.

  • During the height of the pandemic, he was also a co-creator of the first virtual Jane's Walk festival in Toronto.

  • Igor has worked directly to support artwork and murals in the public realm via the MiPs reclaiming of space project in our park basketball courts, walls and bike barriers. 

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