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Hi, I'm Igor, I'm a disabled person, urban planner, and proud immigrant who is passionate about the people of our city and my community of Spadina-Fort York.

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I was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, to working-class parents who fled to Canada during the early 1990s Balkan conflict. From a young age I have always had a strong desire to serve and build communities. After completing my master’s degrees in geography and urban planning, I continued my work as a volunteer, community builder and planner in both the public and private sectors. 

From my work on the Expanding Housing Options in Neighbourhoods roundtable to the Chair of the Advisory Committee on Accessible Transit I have a proven track record of building consensus towards progressive policies. My efforts over the last decade have resulted in and support of accessible public transportation, cycling infrastructure, new affordable housing options, increased community art and murals, innovative family-friendly developments, public space activations, and the reclaiming and repurposing of green spaces for community uses.

Join us as we reimagine Spadina Fort-York and establish a bold vision for a better city.

Igor Samardzic

Our Platform—a better Spadina Fort-York

More Housing

Increase housing across the housing spectrum, with a focus on deeply affordable, Toronto Community Housing (TCHC), supportive, and purpose-built rental housing 

Encourage participation and incentives from all levels of government 

Temporary Shelters and Encampments

Increase access to and pathways to supportive and affordable housing 

Avoid forcible removal of residents to prevent social isolation and community disruptions  

Support Small Businesses

Expand the commercial property tax reduction, allowing new businesses to open rather than simply chain retailers 

Maintain and extend CafeTO that benefit our local neighbourhoods and tourism 

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Our campaign momentum relies heavily on volunteers like you! Join our team so we can plan for a better city in this municipal election

Igor Samardzic talking to constituents in Spadina-Fort York
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Read the Platform

My ideas, goals and vision for Spadina Fort-York is all outlined. Click below.

Let's get in touch

Email Igor if you have any comments, questions or ideas about our campaign. 


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